"Beverley's knot unrolls slowly and her hair falls down in a curl on her shoulders, just as on that moment she opens up herself to me.
Once again she takes the handkerchief to dry her eyes. This whole moment feels as if it is happening in slow motion, and I feel like
I am besides myself. I see how she looks at me with her soft eyes, a smile, her head slightly tilted, her hair on her shoulder… This
was a portrait. Too beautiful to interrupt and flatten in an image. Because, how could photography ever represent this?"

This piece of text belongs to a longer text in the book ‘You can get pretty lonely out here and your visit is like good medicine’ where
I describe a moment with Beverley that would have a big impact on me. When I came back to belgium I reconstructed this moment,
but this time it would be my hair falling down. For me the hair falling down symbolises opening up, revealing something to somebody
else and yourself. This video can be seen as a portrait of me, Beverley, and my whole stay with the Lakota.

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