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You can get pretty lonely out here, and your visit is like a good medicine.

In the summer of 2011, I went to North and South Dakota where the Native tribe ‘Lakota’
is located. I wanted to meet the people who I admire for their strength, in spite of their history.
I used the wet plate collodion technique to photograph, (this technique was actively used
from 1851 until 1886; a period in which the Lakota were forced to move to the reservations)
but more importantly to get closer. I used my car as my dark-room and developed the glassplates
together with the portrayed. Hereby the time was created for the intense conversations and
encounters I was looking for. During the last month the roles got reversed, and I revealed
my own story. My photo’s are a collection of encounters with people and places that I found
important, and have moved me.

Please enjoy the book.